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Why is social media marketing so important for your business?

No one can underestimate the power of social media marketing. For example, there are over 800 million users of Facebook worldwide, and most of them login at least once daily.

Can you afford to ignore social media marketing?

Many business owners realize social media marketing requires a radically new approach. It is word-of-mouth marketing faster and bigger than ever imagined. The virality of social media marketing is shockingly exponential. One or two ‘likes’ can suddenly spread through many thousands of users seemly unrelated consumers.

Think social media marketing agency Dallas – think Lynx Search Marketing because we have the online marketing experience to optimize social media.

If you have a website and online presence, adding social media marketing options are essential. If you are targeting clients in Dallas, you should think local with your social media marketing. This is why you should be using a social media marketing agency from Dallas, Texas. Lynx Search Marketing social media marketing solutions include:

  • Graded investment to return – all online marketing requires diligent investment. Social media marketing has taken that to the next level. As your return builds you can build your input.
  • Conversion architecture and lead generation – turning your social media marketing into real dollars requires a strategic approach. Lynx Search Marketing’s lead generation and conversion architecture includes solutions to maximize your social media marketing efforts.
  • Research and analysis – just like our unique approach to research and analysis illuminates the truth about your online business opportunities, Lynx Search Marketing incorporates diligent social media research and analysis. Again, how well does your market know you?


And it doesn’t stop there.
There are many aspects that we consider for our clients.

Here are the key elements of our social media marketing strategies.

  • Building your fanbase – it is not enough to build a following. Targeting the right prospects in the right way is more than important. The viral nature of social media marketing means pinpoint accuracy is required.
  • Conversion strategies and conversion architecture – we are one of Dallas Texas’ leading specialists on converting fans into paying customers. Our conversion architecture and strategies encompass social media marketing.
  • Brand management – while social media marketing is often more informal than traditional marketing, keeping in tune with your brand and image management is another area Lynx Search Marketing is highly experienced.
  • Leveraging the key social media platforms – enhancing all of your online marketing, especially search engine optimization, is a very real benefit of social media communications. Lynx Search Marketing will show you how to minimise your workload while maximizing results.
  • Managing feedback – Dealing with the bad is often more important than dealing with the good. When you work with Lynx Search Marketing, we will show you methods and streamlined tools to get the most out of all prospect and consumer interaction.


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