Research Marketing

Research Marketing


Not just search marketing. We didn’t re-invent it. We enriched search marketing with research marketing.


You know your market.

How well does your online market know you?


Lynx Search Marketing’s research marketing delivers unparalleled breadth and visibility to all aspects of your online marketing investment and strategy.


So what information do we use for this decision-making research and analysis? We systematically uncover your whole online marketing step by step. Each module of research marketing and analysis, Demand, Competition, Conversion, Reputation and Demographics, builds on the next to uncover your whole online market potential, risk and even competitive threat.


This is the framework of our research marketing through-to-result approach. These are examples of the questions we might be asking in your case.


How much demand is out there for your business?


Is it worth your time and, most importantly, your investment to focus marketing activity in the digital marketplace?


How does the demand compare on mobile devices?


How are your competitors performing?


Who are your competitors?


They may not be who you think they are.


What are the high performers doing well?


Is there anything that the high performers are doing poorly that you can leverage?


Secret #1. In almost every case, the answer to this question is yes. Take advantage.


Secret #2. We use a proprietary analytic tool to scan competitor sites and uncover numerous issues that they would love to know about.


How well does your current site convert existing traffic?


What elements are in place today that is causing visitors to abandon your site?


What impact does the mobile demand have on current website conversion?


Secret#3. We use cutting edge technology to show you exactly what visitors are seeing, or not seeing.

What is your reputation online?


After all, 86% of people check online reviews and 90% believe what they read.


What are they reading about you?


What is the make-up of your site visitors?


Is your site designed with your key demographics in mind?


Who is actually looking for your products or services?


What stage of the buying cycle are they?

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