Our Unique Approach


You know your business. We know ours.

We are frequently asked, okay guys, “How much do your services cost?”.


Our response is always, “We don’t know, YET”.

          What do you mean you don’t know?


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We have to learn your about your business first.

We run digital reconnaissance over your industry and online landscape – how much do you really know?

We need to determine a number of things.

The first questions we ask ourselves include:

  • Do you even need to even be exploring online marketing initiatives for your business?
  • Is your business and our expertise complimentary such that we would have a successful working relationship?
  • What are your goals for business growth, especially as it relates to online marketing and revenue generation?

Okay. So…

How do we develop that ‘learning’ about your business?

Our team of online marketing professionals are career specialists. As online marketing and search marketing grew, Lynx Search Marketing made a decision to invest. For the past 3 years, we have been working closely with prospects and clients to develop our unique online research marketing and analysis approach. That is how we answer those 3 questions in great detail.


This research marketing and analytical approach delivers benefits to your business and to us.


Benefits to Your Organization:

  • You will develop a high level understanding of state of your business, industry and competition in the digital marketplace.
  • You will learn that despite any current efforts all is likely not well with current online marketing activity.
  • You will receive a strong data driven basis for any recommended activity. This helps us to answer the “how much do your services cost?” question.

If you have asked that question of other digital agencies or internet marketing solutions and did not get the same answer, then hang up the phone, turn and run.

  • Finally, you will learn that this is how we do business – we are data, research and results driven. The best, and really only, marketing decisions by medium and small businesses are made with hard numbers.

Benefits to Lynx Search Marketing:

  • We will develop and intimate understanding of your business, industry and competition. Yes we invest before we do business.
  • We will develop a keen knowledge of areas of improvement needed with your current digital marketing and online marketing activities.
  • If you are considering expansion through online marketing activities, then we’ll determine if there is an online ‘competitive landscape’ for the industry and your business.

Let’s face it, if we don’t think you can make good money and see measured growth in revenue, we don’t have any reason to do business with you.

  • Finally, this analytical data will be the solid foundation for and online marketing strategy and campaign recommendations.


Successful search marketing and online marketing activity requires the business level knowledge our research and analysis provides. 

It is that simple. And that is how we operate. If Lynx Search Marketing takes on your project, you know you are going to profit.

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 research marketing benefits?