Marketing Research Process

Marketing Research Process


Marketing research process for serious players?


We get asked many times… Okay, what exactly is a “serious player”?
And why do you say “serious players only”?

The answer to both questions is quite simple.

Our marketing research process means Lynx Search Marketing is going to invest into your project before you do. This means we are only interested in serious players. 


Our marketing research process requires a  serious player. A progressive business owner or manager that meets the following criteria:

1. You must have a strong desire to grow your business.

Regardless of where your business is today, there’s always room for growth and you have to want to achieve that.


2. You must have a passion to succeed online.

There are many forms of marketing and lead generation, but only digital and online marketing deliver absolutely the best quantifiable results for optimum ROI.


3. You must have and be willing to spend necessary marketing budget to achieve results and ROI.

With digital or online marketing highly geared toward lead generation and customer acquisition, think of your marketing spend with Lynx Search Marketing as the addition of a whole sales team. Only cheaper and without the insurance and 401K. And you invest as you get results.


4. You must be willing to contribute to the success of your search marketing and Internet marketing campaign.

Yes, we are the experts in search marketing. However, you have business knowledge that only an expert owner can have. We will convey your knowledge to the marketplace in the best way we know how…with your input. We will rely on you to state the message, while we will make it work to your benefit.


5. You must be able to assess your current marketing performance.

Most likely, you’re not on our site because things are going well. You need to look in the “business mirror” with critical eyes and determine where you see issues, positives and opportunities.



Wow Lynx, that’s a lot of “musts”. Yes, we know. But experience has taught us that meeting these criteria will breed more success in the search marketing campaigns for your business. This is how we start your marketing research process. Whether you are spending $500 per month or $25000 per month, only serious players need to apply. Because only serious players will achieve optimum results and quick ROI.


What do we offer to serious applicants?

We will do more than standard evaluation of your website. Yes, we will uncover many issues, and we will surprise you with what we do. It is our business after all. But your assessment is extremely important to us. We will invest considerably into your project. We are going to dig deep and uncover a lot about your online marketing potential.


If you are serious about an online marketing strategy, and you would like us to get involved through our

marketing research process, please proceed.



research marketing assessment

Serious applicants only.