Lead Generation



Why is lead generation so important?


Lead generation is essential for your business and online marketing strategy. It the is the most profound and direct task your website SHOULD be doing for you. Lead generation is the least your website can be doing. If your website is not provoking lead generation, it is time to rethink your investment. You do generate leads online right?


But are you getting enough?

And did you know, that with a bit of time and by doing the right things, you could literally flood your email inbox with lots more genuine and qualified enquiries? It’s true.  We’ve worked on lead generation and achieved stunning results for other companies. Our research marketing will highlight how much we can do it for you.


Why does our lead generation work?

It is simple. Online lead generation works because online search users for your products and services are increasing each month. There is an online market for just about every business. Research shows that 50% shoppers will research a purchase online before purchasing a product or service, even when they don’t buy online.


But there’s more.

A staggering 62% of shoppers researching online only consider 1–3 websites when they search. Being on the first page of Google is more important than ever. When was the last time you looked beyond first page results. You didn’t. Further to that, over 60% of all users click on the top 3 results.

Lynx Search Marketing specializes in getting you on the first page of Google, and we know how to get those visitors to your website.


Are you ranking for the right keywords?

And what does that actually mean?


Just being on the first page of Google doesn’t always mean everything. Have you thought about which terms you are ranking for? Our composite approach means we have considered all prospects and all their stages of the buying cycle. There is no point ranking for particular words if no one is searching for them.

We create effective lead generation campaigns for our clients because…


  • We have assessed the prospect market, and we understand what they are looking for.
  • We use cutting edge technology and experience to create your unique high-performing conversion architecture.
  • We are the search marketing specialists, and we really understand SEO.
  • We work with your business to align your online operations with your sales force operational capacity.
  • We minimize workloads. Yes, your website SHOULD be working for you.

Would you like help with lead generation and sales?