Direct Email Marketing


Will a direct email marketing solution work for you?

Direct email marketing solutions often require more time investment than money to get started. That being said, with a considerable email subscriber list base, care and attention should be used in the way you communicate.


Why not stay in touch with those interested in your business?

Email marketing should be a part of every online presence. We have years of experience with this time tested marketing tool.


What does a direct email marketing solution offer that other online marketing channels don’t?

Email marketing is very unique and works so well because of the nature of the relationship established between your business and your prospects.


A direct email marketing solution offers:

  • virtually no-cost regular communication with your prospects.
  • direct and regular communication with prospects interested in your business.
  • email marketing builds trust and your relationship with your prospects.


Email marketing increases the lifetime of your customers.

Email marketing helps you establish credibility with your customers. It allows you to communicate with them after they buy.


Lynx Search Marketing specializes in direct email marketing solutions and strategies. We have a proven track record to boot. These are some of the areas we particularly focus on for our clients:

  • Strategy Development – Are you communicating at the right times with the right message? Lynx Search Marketing helps you better understand your marketing and make the right decisions. Whether you business is small or large, strategic consideration of your subscribers and how to appeal to them by Lynx Search Marketing email marketing will deliver tangible results.
  • HTML Email Design – High impact email marketing is essential. If you don’t get attention immediately, you have probably lost it for good.
  • Database Development – Bigger business often requires serious management. Lynx Search Marketing has the experience you require.
  • Copywriting – Words make a huge difference. Without them not much is left. Are you making the most of your copy?


We offer a range of email marketing solutions for all business sizes.


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