Conversion Marketing


How will our conversion marketing work for you?

It’s all about customer engagement.

How often do you make the choice to settle for rudimentary changes generating average results and only please the average customer? Many business owners and managers are guilty of this complacency.

We cater to prospects so you can out-perform.

Lynx Search Marketing integrates a total marketing strategy to cater for different types of prospects and different stages of the buying cycle. Our research marketing means we pinpoint prospects. In many cases, we enlarge our client’s prospect base by 300%. This is because we dig deeper. And we dig broader. We look outside your current online marketing operations and scope. Our conversion marketing and conversion architecture uses strategies beyond your business.


How do we do conversion marketing better?


1. We get to know your business.

We look at your business and compare it with your website and online marketing operations. We always find new ways our clients can be using their existing online assets to generate more business. Our conversion marketing and conversion architecture will enhance even your offline operations.


2. Conversion marketing actually lowers operational workloads.

We integrate conversion marketing into your online marketing and include your online operations into a single tool. We look at your business operations outside of your online activities. Yes, online marketing and increasing conversion rates is more than just turning over the right visitors, it is about reducing your business costs. It is about optimizing your total business operations and making each element work to improve the sum total.


3. Conversion marketing based on psychometric data to enhance your conversion architecture.

Keep in mind, that your audience is profiled primarily on their needs / pains / problems broken down into demographics, psychographics and where they are in the buying cycle (which decides their behaviour on your site).


4. Conversion marketing as effective sales funnels.

Your goal then is to ensure that every element of your website persuades visitors on your site to take the actions that lead to the delivery of your objectives (conversion marketing rates). Continue to pour your site visitors through your website funnel. We monitor and measure your results to ensure that your efforts are driving results to your bottom line.


5. We use cutting edge technology and research marketing so you know more about your prospects.

Remember that every click on your site is a step towards conversion. Lynx Search Marketing uses our experience, specific research marketing for your particular business, to promote dynamic visitor satisfaction with every click on your website. Our methodology includes cutting edge technology to assess and build on your conversion marketing rates and continue to optimize your conversion architecture.


We WILL optimize conversion rates and you WILL learn a lot more about your online prospects.


Do you want help with conversion marketing and conversion architecture to optimise your conversion rates?

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