About Us

Leveraging a background in technology product marketing at Compaq, HP and Texas Instruments, Chris Vaughan founded Lynx Search Marketing to serve medium and small businesses with a broad range of digital marketing services. Operating in Dallas, TX since 2008, Lynx Search Marketing has helped physicians, pool builders, lawyers, office furniture companies and many industries in-between to increase online exposure, develop more leads and generate significant incremental revenue.

Lynx Search Marketing employs a unique data-driven approach to decision making for the client. We actually invest in the client before you spend a dollar. This Research Business Model allows us to analyze online demand, competition, conversion, demographics and reputation. What we learned in this process is that most businesses don’t know how they are really performing – even if there’s an incumbent digital agency working for them. Additionally, the client learns that this is how we do business – we are data, research and results driven. We are passionate about the fact that the best, and really only, marketing decisions by medium and small businesses are made with hard numbers.

Lynx Search Marketing is a Dallas based digital agency led by two seasoned internet marketing professionals:
Chris Vaughan:
Chris started working in internet marketing in 1998 with Compaq Computer in Houston. There he honed his skills leading Compaq’s effort to develop an online configure-to-order business for notebook computers. Additional key marketing leadership roles beckoned with Compaq, HP and Texas Instruments where the internet was an integral part of the products and business.
Chris holds a BA degree in Finance from Texas Tech University and a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Texas Christian University. Chris’ unique background of both financial and marketing experience was a strong driver for the research based business model that separates Lynx Search Marketing from other digital agencies.
Chris can be reached at chris@lynxsearchmarketing.com or or by phone at 214 358-0070.

Steve Smillie:
Steve is a qualified business professional with 18+ years of managing and consulting experience for financial call centers, technical support, and client services of fortune 500 companies. This provides the solid background for digital marketing and business planning for both small and large organizations.
Steve is no stranger to digital marketing, having spent 6 years as the managing partner of LIG Companies L.L.C. encompassing all aspects of E-commerce. His hands on approach with search engine marketing and optimization, lead generation, and supply chain management provides in depth knowledge with an entrepreneurial mindset.
Steve has a BA degree in Communication Management from the University Of Texas at Arlington.
Steve can be reached at steve@lynxsearchmarketing.com or by phone at 817 996-1745